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BPM — Advanced urban rhythm instrument

MusicTech Excellence

"BPM is a remarkable instrument, providing almost everything you could ever want in a beat-production machine."
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Future Music Platinum Award

"It sounds, looks and feels great and is one of the best urban music production tools currently available."
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Beat Box Anthology

New in BPM 1.5

A comprehensive 4 GB collection of authentic sounds from every classic, iconic drum machine that ever mattered during the 1970s, 80s, and 90s — a total of 80 legendary models.

Beat Box Anthology

80 iconic beat box legends

TR 808…Linn 9000…SP1200…RX7…HR16… Iconic rhythm machines from decades past that brought us legendary sounds that still drive today's beats. BPM puts them all at your fingertips, combined with BPM's updated 1.5 soundbanks for an unprecedented 19 GB library, by far the most extensive rhythm sound library available.

Analog, digital, and classic

Browsing samples

The eighty beat box models in this collection are divided into three categories: analog, digital, and classic. The earliest beat boxes used analog technology to produce their sounds. As technology progressed, later models gave us first-generation low-resolution sampled drum sounds. These analog and digital sounds are still pervasive in rhythm programming today. The classic category is reserved for machines that have achieved true cult status, such as the 808 and 909.

Individual samples

Samples are organized by beat box model (808, 909, etc.) and by sample type (bass drum, snare, hi hat, etc.) so you can easily find sounds from a specific instrument or browse through hundreds of possibilities, such as a complete list of all the kick drum samples, for example.

Kits, patterns, and loops

In addition to individual samples, the Beat Box Anthology library also provides hundreds of presets for kits, patterns, and even loops — all completely authentic and true to the original beat box instrument. You can faithfully recreate original factory beats from each instrument, or mix and match kits from one model with patterns from another to quickly create original hybrid beats with that classic sound.

Quality beyond reproach

Utmost care was taken in sampling the original instruments, with 24-bit 96 kHz audio quality and professional mastering of all samples at Sterling Sound in NYC.

The machines

Here is a list of the machines used to create Beat Box Anthology:

  • Acetone Rhythm Ace FR-1, FR-2L, FR-6 & FR-8
  • Akai XR-10
  • Alesis HR-16, HR-16b & DPM5
  • Amdek Rhythm Machine RMK-100 / Bohm Digital Drums M
  • Boss DR-110 Dr. Rhythm, DR-220 A, DR-220 E & DRP-I Dr. Pad
  • Casio RZ-1
  • Crumar OMB-2
  • Dynacord Add One
  • Elka Drumstar 80, OMB 5, Wilgamat
  • E-mu Drumulator
  • ETI Drum Synthesizer
  • Godwin Drummaker 45
  • Hohner Drum Performer & Rhythm 80
  • Kawai R-100
  • Korg DDD-1, DDM-100, DDM-220, KPR 77, KR33, KR55, MR16 & S3
  • Linn 9000 & Linn Drum
  • Mattel Synsonic Drums
  • Mini Pops Junior Keio
  • MPC the Kit
  • Novation Drumstation
  • Oberheim DMX
  • Pearl Drum-X & Fightman
  • Realistic Rhythm Box Concert Mate
  • Roland CR-78, CR-8000, TR-505, TR-55, TR-606, TR-626, TR-66, TR-707, TR-727, TR-77, TR-808 & TR-909
  • SCI Drumtracks
  • Siel MDP40
  • Simmons Clap Trap, MTX-9, SDS 400, SDS 800, SDS 9, SDSV & Trixer
  • Solton Arranger +
  • Tama Techstar TAM500, DS200 & Techstar TS204
  • Ted Digisound Synth
  • Univox ARI
  • Vermona
  • Wersi Drum Composer, Wersimatic WM24
  • Yamaha DD-10, MR10, QY10, RX5, RX7 & RX8