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BPM — Advanced urban rhythm instrument

MusicTech Excellence

"BPM is a remarkable instrument, providing almost everything you could ever want in a beat-production machine."
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Future Music Platinum Award

"It sounds, looks and feels great and is one of the best urban music production tools currently available."
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BPM looks like a drum machine and feels familiar, while advanced, state-of-the-art virtual instrument technology simmers under the hood. The result is a powerful beat programming environment that gives you complete control.

Start with FlexLoops

At its most basic level, BPM lets you load a kit (a set of drum sounds for the 16 pads) and then play the kit using a pattern (a sequence of notes in the Step Sequencer). In BPM, this is known as a FlexLoop. Here's a basic BPM FlexLoop kit+pattern preset:

Browse patterns

The power of BPM is that you can easily browse different patterns using the same kit. Here are a few different patterns using the same kit as above:

Browse kits

But you can also do the opposite: play the same pattern while trying different kits. Here's the same pattern as above with different kits:

Explore infinite combinations

By simply mixing and matching the kits and patterns in BPM's massive 19 GB library of kits and patterns, you have a virtually infinite number of unique combinations to get you started in programming your own beats. Then you can click the Step Sequencer grid to further customize your groove. In BPM, your own unique beats are literally just a few clicks away.

Layer up to four banks

Four banks

BPM provides four separate banks (A, B, C and D), each of which can hold a different pattern and kit, allowing you to layer multiple kit+pattern combinations. That's up to 64 pads playing simultaneously. Each bank provides independent mute and solo buttons. In fact, each bank has its own mixer channel for bank-level volume, pan and output control, as well as unlimited effects.

On top of BPM's four banks, you can also layer two additional instrument/loop racks, which each hold unlimited parts.

Fine-tune your FlexLoop kit with advanced pad programming

BPM provides advanced programming for each pad, which has individual controls for volume, pan, mute and solo.


BPM's pad programming goes much deeper. You can layer unlimited samples per pad. Here are three hi-hats assigned to the same pad as velocity layers.

Pad layers

Or you can assign them to the same velocity range and program BPM to cycle through them randomly, or randomly without repetition:

Each pad can have its own effects settings, and even its own synth settings, such as filter, envelope, tuning and others. You can even apply all of these settings individually to each sample layer!

Program your own sounds with the Drum Synthesizer

If you right-click the pad's oscillator tab, you access BPM' powerful Drum Synthesizer:

Drum Synthesizer

The drum synth lets you program an infinite variety of drum sounds, and there are plenty of presets to get you started.

Build patterns quickly with the Step Sequencer

BPM's Step Sequencer works just like a conventional drum machine, but it is loaded with powerful features. For example, right-click the grid to access features for programming each lane (line) in the grid, including dozens of useful line templates to give you the sound and feel you are looking for quickly:

Step Sequencer Tracks view

Fine-tune pad performance with the Graph Editor

The Graph Editor provides precise, detailed control over the performance of every step for every note in the pattern. Edit each hit with precision, or draw sweeping curves or other shapes. There are even dozens of preset patterns to give you the feel you are looking for quickly.

Step Sequencer Graphs view

Further FlexLoop programming

As you can see, you have a great deal of control over your kit+pattern FlexLoops. You can also add effects processing such as delays, filters, reverb, or dozens of other effects.