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BPM — Advanced urban rhythm instrument

MusicTech Excellence

"BPM is a remarkable instrument, providing almost everything you could ever want in a beat-production machine."
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Future Music Platinum Award

"It sounds, looks and feels great and is one of the best urban music production tools currently available."
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Massive 19+ GB library of sounds

BPM includes over 19 GB of drum sounds, patterns, loops and multi-sample instruments conveniently organized for quick browsing. Included is Beat Box Anthology, a comprehensive 4 GB library of sounds from 80 classic drum machines from the 1970's, 80's and 90's. This is by far the most comprehensive urban rhythm sound library currently available.

Here are a few impressive facts about BPM's extensive sound and pattern library:

    New in BPM 1.5
  • Over 19 GB of all-new, never-before-released loops, samples and beats
  • Over 10,000 individual samples
  • Over 1,000 new drum and percussion loops
  • All recorded at 24-bit 96 kHz resolution
  • Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC by top mastering engineer Chris Gehringer
  • Beat Production/Sound Design by Eric K. Roz for Black Rose Corporation
  • Over 200 drum kits + patterns organized by style categories (Dub, Dancehall, Trip Hop, Trance, etc.)
  • Over 100 urban multi-sampled instruments, including piano, bass, guitars, synths, pads and more
  • Comprehensive percussion samples, patterns and loops
  • Includes Beat Box Anthology, a comprehensive library of sounds from 80 classic drum machines
  • Hundreds of patterns in many styles (hip hop, R'nB, house, electro, funk, soul, pop, rock, etc.)

Find kits, patterns, samples, loops and instruments quickly

Access BPM's extensive sound library from the browser:


Just click a tab across the top and then browse items by stylistic category. The categories are the same across each time to make it easier to find corresponding elements for your beats. For example, if you want to find a loop that goes with a kit+pattern you've loaded from the "Machine" folder, just click the Loops tab and look in its "Machine" folder. Loops provide instruments (bass, rhythm guitar, etc.) as well as beats, so this is a quick way to add instrumentation to your beats.

Browse sounds and patterns interactively

With BPM's AutoLoad feature enabled, items you click in the browser, even files on your hard drive, load into BPM as soon as you click them. This really keeps the creative flow going because the beat never stops. AutoLoad provides several options for controlling what gets loaded, even on a pad-by-pad basis for kits. You also have the option to AutoPreview instead of loading.


Build up beats or break them down with BPM's exclusive construction kits

At the core of the BPM sound library are 200+ “construction kits” organized by stylistic categories. A construction kit is a kit+pattern for which BPM provides all the individual elements separately(samples, loop layers and the pattern by itself) organized by the same name so you can easily access the individual elements that make up the kit.

Construction kits give you a great deal of flexibility. For example, if you find a loop that you like, but you’d like to work with the individual elements separately, you can go to the loop’s corresponding Kit+Pattern for complete control over every individual element.

Here's a a construction kit (kit+pattern) called Five Billion:

Not only does BPM provide the kit separately and the pattern separately (under the same name), it also provides all the individual samples in the Sample folder, under the same name:

Construction kit samples

Each construction kit is also supplied at multiple loops, along with extra loops that include instruments, hits and other sounds. Here's the Five Billion kit+pattern playing with its associated bass and instrument loops (again, found under the same name in the Loops folder):

Notice that you could also use just the Bass Drum and Snare (BD+SD) as a loop, or even just the hit hat by itself (HH).

Load material from any UVI sound library

BPM lets you load any MOTU instrument sound from MachFive, Ethno, Electric Keys or any UVI-based MOTU instrument product. You can also load third-party UVI instrument sounds, including BPM Expander packs (coming soon) and UVI SoundCards from UVISoundSource.com.

Adding your own sounds

Of course, BPM lets you add your own sounds, loops and audio files.