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BPM — Advanced urban rhythm instrument

MusicTech Excellence

"BPM is a remarkable instrument, providing almost everything you could ever want in a beat-production machine."
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Future Music Platinum Award

"It sounds, looks and feels great and is one of the best urban music production tools currently available."
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Record and sample

It's never been easier to sample and program beats than with BPM's integrated audio and MIDI recording.

Record patterns

Record and overdub patterns interactively in real time from any MIDI controller, with plug-and-play support for pad controllers such as the Akai MPD32. Use BPM's Input Quantize option for precision input, or let BPM's TimeShift property keep track of the smallest variations in feel of your performance.

Transport controls

Sample directly into a pad

BPM makes it easy to add your own sounds by sampling audio directly into the pads. Simply select a button, choose the input source, and hit record.

Sampling into a pad

Using the included BPMSampler effect plug-in, you can tap into any external audio input source or any point in your DAW's signal path to create inputs for BPM to record from. You can even record BPM's own output back into itself.

Sampling with BPMSampler

Drag and drop sampled clips

Selections within a waveform can be dragged and dropped to another pad or layer. Sampling numerous hits in the Clip window then dragging them to the desired pads makes quick work of building an entire kit.

Drag and drop selected audio